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Work Bench

work bench

What could possibly make you feel more MANLY than having a workbench, either in an unfinished basement, garden shed or garage?  It can be a place to get away for a minute to work on a project or fix something, and also a place to keep your tools organized.

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Garage Overhead MightyShelves

garage overhead mightyshelves

With warm spring days on the way, many of you will be doing some spring cleaning.  Do you have a place where you can put away all your winter/seasonal items?  By installing overhead garage shelving you can easily add 200 square feet of storage to a typical 2-car garage.  Imagine organizing all the items cluttering your home in bins on these garage overhead mightyshelves.

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Built-In Raised Laundry Platform

raised laundry platform

We bought a front load washer and dryer 5 years ago when we built our home.  Instead of paying the $600 for washer & dryer pedestals (which are nice for raising the height of the washer and dryer as well as providing storage), I built a raised platform in our laundry room out of left-over building materials I already had.  Raising front load washers and dryers makes doing laundry more ergonomic,  with less bending over.  I recently built a raised laundry platform in another home that improved upon my origional design by adding tile, cubbies for laundry bins below and additional built-in storage shelving.

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Coat Rack Shelf

coat rack shelf angle view

My wife Desiree was looking to decorate the wall in our front entry and also wanted a place to hang coats for our guests.  So I made this simple coat rack with a shelf.

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