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Grand Teton, August 18, 2014

Grand Teton, August 18, 2014

My love for the Tetons began when I was a student at Ricks College.  I got my introduction to this mountain range skiing at Grand Targhee, and hiking Table Rock and around Jenny Lake.  I even took a mountaineering class and back-country ski class that took me into these mountains several times, the highlight of which was climbing the Middle Teton.

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Ski Mountaineering Timp’s Everest Ridge

ski mountaineering timp's everest ridge

During the winter of ’92 there was a Mount Everest expedition team from Utah that trained using a ridge on the west face of Mount Timpanogos.  Since then, it’s been known to locals as Everest Ridge. Almost exactly a year ago, I noticed a friend Paul Knudsen at church with a sunburned face and “raccoon eyes”.  It turns out that he had climbed Everest Ridge the previous day.  I had heard about that route and we chatted about his trip which prompted an outing together a few weeks later to Heaven’s Half Pipe.  This winter he offered to do the Everest Ridge with me.

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Backpacking to The Cirque of the Towers & Temple Peaks Area

Cirque of the Towers

Here’s a video highlighting our recent backpacking trip to the Wind River Range in Wyoming.  We visited the Cirque of the Towers and the Temple Peaks area where we ascended East Temple Peak. Read more…

Heaven’s Half Pipe

skiing heaven's half pipe

A buddy Paul Knudsen and I had a fun hike to a place called Heaven’s Half Pipe on the south side of the Alpine Ridge to enjoy some Spring skiing.  We started up in the afternoon from the Schoolhouse Springs Trailhead hiking the 3 mile approach.

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Lessons Learned from the Mountains

lessons learned from the mountains

I’m fascinated by mountains.  I’m impressed by their size and beauty.  I enjoy the serenity they can provide and also respect the preparation, struggle and effort it takes to stand on a mountain summit. Attempting to get up and down a peak successfully is not too different from taking on a DIY home improvement project, or facing life challenges.  Many lessons can be learned, I believe, from climbing mountains.

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