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Garage Overhead Mightyshelves Alternative Hardware Methods

two-tier garage shelves

If you would like to build sturdy garage overhead mightyshelves as described in my earlier post here, but don’t have attic space above your garage, one of several alternative hardware support methods is required.  The original design for these shelves uses threaded rod with washers and nuts.  You run a piece of threaded rod through the shelving and up into the attic space where it is secured to a block with washers and nuts that is fastened to the top of the bottom chord of the trusses. But you can only use this method when you have accessible attic space above.  When you don’t, (when your house has living space above your garage for example), you’ll need to use an alternative hardware support method.   Read more…

Garage Overhead MightyShelves

garage overhead mightyshelves

With warm spring days on the way, many of you will be doing some spring cleaning.  Do you have a place where you can put away all your winter/seasonal items?  By installing overhead garage shelving you can easily add 200 square feet of storage to a typical 2-car garage.  Imagine organizing all the items cluttering your home in bins on these garage overhead mightyshelves.

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