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Grand Canyon Trip

Grand Canyon Trip

My brother-in-law got a group together for a Grand Canyon trip that we went on last week.  We were able to book reservations a year ago to stay at the bottom of Grand Canyon at Phantom Ranch for three nights.  Our group consisted of 11 hikers including his siblings, his wife’s sisters (including my wife) and a couple from Farmington, New Mexico who were his neighbors and who have been to the canyon well over a hundred times between the two.

We slept in the cabins and dorms there and enjoyed hot showers, steak dinners, and as many pancakes, eggs, and bacon we could find room for every breakfast.  (Having these amenities allowed us to pack light and move efficiently during the descent to the bottom and the climb out).  The experienced couple from New Mexico took us on day hikes, guided us down old miner trails, and lead us to a few seldom seen corners of the canyon.  Here’s a video of some of the highlights:

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Fly Fishing Fun

fly fishing fun

Here’s a video featuring some fly fishing fun.

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Backpacking to The Cirque of the Towers & Temple Peaks Area

Cirque of the Towers

Here’s a video highlighting our recent backpacking trip to the Wind River Range in Wyoming.  We visited the Cirque of the Towers and the Temple Peaks area where we ascended East Temple Peak. Read more…

Rustic Picture Frame


Last year for Christmas, Desiree (my lovely wife) gave me a fish poster to hang in my office.  I LOVE to fly fish… she knows me well.  Her boss even made her a really cool barn wood frame for it.  (If only everyone’s boss could be like Doug).  I decided to give my office a fly fishing theme based around my new poster and frame.

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