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DIY Toy Building Blocks

DIY toy building blocks

We realized our house is very kid-UNfriendly.  Not that it’s unsafe for kids- we just got done locking everything dangerous away (see post on magnetic tot locks).  We just didn’t have anything around that would seem interesting or fun for children.  That is, unless the kids suddenly got the urge to chew on a doggy bone or fetch a slobbery tennis ball.

My wife noticed a basket full of toy building blocks a few years back while attending a bridal shower at my cousin’s house.  She thought the blocks could help kids learn shapes, encourage creativity, and they also looked decorative, displayed in a unique basket.  So, as you can guess, I got recruited to help her make some for our house.

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Window Seat with Storage

window seat

Some really awesome friends of mine decided to take advantage of the space in their living room bay window by adding a window seat with storage for their piano books.  They felt the space would be more useful for them with a built-in seat, and the extra storage would alleviate any clutter near the piano.

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Fireplace Mantel Picture Frame

fireplace mantel picture frame

“Variety is the spice of life”.  That’s what one of my good friends would always say.  My wife Desiree must subscribe to that philosophy as well, because she is always wanting to change things up in our house, rearrange the furniture, etc.

Over the years we’ve accumulated memories captured in photos that we wanted to display above our fireplace mantel in a picture frame, that would allow Desiree to switch them out whenever she wants. We found out what size photo enlargements were available from Costco, and then I made a frame to fit any of the pictures we decide to blow up.

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Work Bench

work bench

What could possibly make you feel more MANLY than having a workbench, either in an unfinished basement, garden shed or garage?  It can be a place to get away for a minute to work on a project or fix something, and also a place to keep your tools organized.

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Plyo Box

Plyo Box

A friend recently had me build some wooden boxes for his crossfit workouts.  Crossfit is a fitness program where you do a variety of movements that exercise multiple muscles at once within a short amount of time.  When used as part of a crossfit regimen, ordinary wooden boxes become plyometric or “plyo” boxes, that provide an intense workout.  How do you use them? You jump on them to develop strength, speed and explosiveness.

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Dining Chairs, Bench and Stools

new chairs and bench

Desiree and I found a good deal on a dining table a few years back at the RC Willey Outlet that was discounted because the corner was chipped.  We thought it went great with our kitchen cabinets and adjacent family room.  And it was tall enough that our black lab wouldn’t be able to snitch some dinner off the table when we weren’t looking.  The only thing missing was the asiento (that’s Spanish for a place to sit).

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Wood Touch-Ups

wood touch-up essentials

Keep your wood furniture, cabinets, and other wood finishes in your home looking like new.  Most minor dings, scratches, and other imperfections in the wood surfaces of your home can be easily touched-up using tinted wood putty and a stain marker.

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Lathe Creations

Uncle Jon's wood bowl

When Desiree and I got this unique hand-made wooden bowl as a wedding gift from Desiree’s Uncle Jon, I couldn’t help but stare at it, trying to figure out how he made it.  That was before Desiree’s dad introduced me to a tool called a lathe.

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Custom Built-In Jewelry Cabinet

jewelry cabinet

For a while now, my wife has had trouble finding a pair of earrings, or untangling a necklace from the boxes where she kept all her jewelry inside our master bathroom cabinet drawer.   So this year for Christmas, she asked me to build a jewelry cabinet for her bling.

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Coat Rack Shelf

coat rack shelf angle view

My wife Desiree was looking to decorate the wall in our front entry and also wanted a place to hang coats for our guests.  So I made this simple coat rack with a shelf.

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