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Coat Rack Shelf

coat rack shelf angle view

My wife Desiree was looking to decorate the wall in our front entry and also wanted a place to hang coats for our guests.  So I made this simple coat rack with a shelf.

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Painted Can Light Trims

painted can light trim

Can lights provide good ambient lighting for general purpose use and basic task lighting needs.  Most people like can lights because they illuminate a room in an inconspicuous way.  They recess into the ceiling, and for the most part blend into their surroundings.  Recently in a basement home office, I converted can lights into decorative accent lights using a can of spray paint.

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Gridded Accent Wall

gridded accent wall 1

I noticed a really cool gridded accent wall in the home of some people I’m doing some work for.  Their home office has a high vaulted ceiling, and on the tallest wall in the room they used 3 inch wide flat trim spaced about every 2 feet horizontally and vertically to make a grid pattern, giving the accent wall depth and texture.

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Wall-Mounted Wood Art

gnarly wood art

What do you do with an enormous weird-shaped bare wall?  We have a vaulted ceiling in our family room and had a tall blank wall my wife and I would stare at, and wonder what we could do to make it look better (okay, mostly my wife).  We had to go all the way to Florida to get the inspiration we needed.

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