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Backyard Firepit

limestone firepit area

We put in a stone firepit area in our backyard several years ago when we moved into our home.  We used limestone because it was one of the least expensive stones available and we liked its lighter color.  Limestone has layers, and during each winter, water would seep into the rock, freeze, and pop any weak layers off.  We also had some settling, creating an uneven surface.  So, this year we decided to remove all the weak stones and re-level everything.

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Decorative Window Wells

decorative window wells

What’s one of the most neglected, drab areas of a home?  Bingo- basement window wells.  But they don’t have to be.  I mean, nobody likes looking out their basement windows at ugly window wells.  So why not do something to liven them up?  I saw a home once that had a huge window well off a basement billiard room.  To the back of that window well was mounted a Harley Davidson motorcycle! Cool- I know, but for me a Harley wasn’t in the budget, so I opted instead for some potted plants.

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Wood Front Door

new alder front door

Repainting exterior painted surfaces of a home, such as exterior doors, as needed about every other year or so is normal maintenance.  Last fall, I noticed all our exterior doors needed to be repainted.  I had an unfinished reject alder door slab sitting in my basement for years, thinking I would someday use it to switch out our front door.  So instead of taking the time to repaint our steel front door last fall, I replaced it with the wood door slab.

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Custom Dog House

Gooch's House

Let me introduce you to my black lab Gooch.  He’s a good-natured, 90-pound, Frisbee-catching, man’s-best-friend.  He enjoys retrieving tennis balls from freezing mountain lakes, hiking to the top of mountains (Timpanogos, King’s Peak), backpacking into wilderness areas (Wind River Range, Sawtooths), and exploring the narrows of southern Utah (Spooky, Ding and Dang).  He’s an extraordinary companion; so of course, I wanted to build him an extraordinary dog house.  So a few years back I built Gooch a warm, comfortable, custom home using the scrap building materials left over from other jobs.

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