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Skiing with Braylon

Skiing with Braylon

I borrowed some small skis and boots and took Braylon up to Alta yesterday.  Here’s a video of the highlights:

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Corner Stage

corner stage

One thing I’ve learned as a foster parent is that kids love attention.  A recent customer had me add a feature to their basement family room to give their kids some of that attention… a corner stage.

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Free Yearly Dump Pass

free yearly dump pass

If you’re finishing your basement, de-cluttering your home, or working on a project that generates trash (more than will fit in your garbage can) pick up your free yearly dump pass and haul it to the landfill free of charge.  I just picked up mine today at the Lehi City Administration building by the Library.

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Bathroom Cabinet Hardware

bathroom cabinet hardware

After repainting our master bathroom and installing a frame for the mirror (see previous post on that here), we decided the cabinets needed some handles to finish everything off.  Cabinet knobs and pulls really make an impact on the look of your cabinets and make it easier to pull the doors and drawers open as well.

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How to Firestop Your Basement

how to firestop your basement

One of the most common things a DIYer neglects to do when finishing a basement is to install proper firestop per code.  Firestop is required by building code to impede a potential fire from spreading- which could come in handy if you’re doing your own electrical work.  :)

You will not pass your inspections from the local building department if you don’t install firestop as required.  So don’t forget to firestop!  If you don’t know how to install it, I’ll explain the code and how to meet these firestop requirements.

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2013 HGTV Dream Home Giveaway

The 2013 HGTV dream home giveaway sweepstakes begins today.  You can enter to win twice daily (once on and once on from now until February 15, 2013 at 5p.m. ET, when they close the sweepstakes, for your chance to win the HGTV Dream Home 2013, located in South Carolina.  If you win, you get the house with all the appliances, furnishings and custom artwork inside along with a new 2013 GMC Acadia Denali and $500k.   Click here to enter to win and for more information about the dream home.  Good luck!!!

Mirror Frame

framed mirror

Last year for Desiree’s Christmas present I made a custom built-in jewelry cabinet for our master bathroom.  It went over so well that I decided to stick with the master bath home-improvement theme for this year’s present.   Desiree had been wanting to change the color scheme in our master bathroom to something more calm and serene, and also wanted a frame for the vanity mirror.

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Cloud Entrance Under Stairs

cloud entrance

A recent customer who was finishing her basement wanted to create a space under the stairs where her kids could read books and feel like they were sitting in the clouds.  She planned on having lots of fluffy pillows in there, and she decided the space needed a cloud shaped entrance and a raised platform inside to make it feel like you were stepping up into the clouds.  Here’s how we built the cloud-shaped entrance:

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“Wood” Tile?

porcelain "wood" tile

Can you tell what kind of flooring this is?  No- it’s not wood flooring, or laminate, or vinyl planks.  It’s simply… TILE.

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Framed Built-ins:

Framed Built-ins

Would you like custom built-ins without the custom built-in price tag?  Frame them!  Ealier this year I finished a basement for some customers who wanted some built-in bookshelves with a toy chest, and a TV area with shelves and component cubbies.  It took a little more work and material with the framing, sheetrock, trim and painting stages of the project, but saved them money over going with custom built-in cabinets.

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