USB Wall Plug

Phones, tablets, iPods, radio control helicopters, GoPro cameras (okay you get the idea)… It seems like just about all the electronic devices out there these days are charged via a USB.  So why not install USB wall plugs in your home?  They look like a normal outlet, except that they have USB ports. These USB plugs could be installed to replace any existing outlet in your home where you charge your gadgets, eliminating your USB power adapters, and freeing up your standard outlets.

USB plug

On a recent project, I installed one of these in each locker space of a mudroom area for each kid to have a charging station to charge their phone and tablet.  They were 2.1 amp USB plugs rated to charge two iPads at once (the biggest kind available from the supplier).  But one of the kids had a Samsung Galaxy tablet that didn’t charge with them.  It recognized the power source, but wouldn’t allow itself to charge for some reason.

I had the electrician come back to install a different kind, a 0.7 amp USB plug just to make sure, but it didn’t work either. So there might be electronic devices out there not compatible with USB plugs of this kind.  But the electrician said he has installed USB wall plugs numerous times, and that this was the first time he had ever heard of a device not charging with them.


If you’d like to install USB outlets yourself, you can look for them online, at an electrical supply house, or possibly even at your local home improvement center such as Lowe’s and Home Depot for around $25-$30 each.

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  1. Barry says:

    In regards to the samsung issue, if the device was totally drained it may not charge, but once it gets a “boost” it should be fine. I installed the 2.1 USB similar to yours and my son’s tablet has the same issue. I thought it was totally dead because nothing would charge it. I read online to pug it into a micro USB car charger as it has more juice to it. Once it was plugged in the car for a few mins I plugged it into the wall and it charged fine.
    Great website some cool ideas!

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