Corner Stage

One thing I’ve learned as a foster parent is that kids love attention.  A recent customer had me add a feature to their basement family room to give their kids some of that attention… a corner stage.

To frame it we used 2×6’s for the stage’s floor joists over pressure-treated 2×4 bottom plates.  Then we wrapped the front of the stage with 1/2″ (7/16″) OSB.  We made shallow vertical cuts on the backside of this OSB with a circular saw to get it to bend and fit the curve we wanted the front of the stage to have.  3/4″ (22/32″) OSB was used for the sheathing on top leaving a 3/4″ nosing.  This stage has about a 3-foot radius.  Here’s how it looked after the framing for the stage was completed:

corner stage framing

A recessed “eyeball” can light was installed above for the stage’s spotlight, controlled by its own switch.  The stage was trimmed with baseboards and wrapped with carpet.  Pretty simple and out-of-the-way when not needed but put a few bean bags and chairs around and you’ve got the perfect setup for a performance.

corner stage

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  1. Cliffie says:

    What a great idea – kids would love it!

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