Bathroom Cabinet Hardware

After repainting our master bathroom and installing a frame for the mirror (see previous post on that here), we decided the cabinets needed some handles to finish everything off.  Cabinet knobs and pulls really make an impact on the look of your cabinets and make it easier to pull the doors and drawers open as well.

I purchased a hardware template set from Home Depot for about $7 to install all the new hardware consistently in the same location on all the cabinet doors and drawers.  It came with one for drawers…

hardware template

…and a corner template to use for the cabinet doors.  You choose which holes in the template you like, and use the same holes for all the hardware.  (You can even drill your own holes into the template if you need to).

corner template for cabinet doors

Once the holes for the cabinet doors and drawers were carefully marked with a pencil, I drilled them with a drill bit slightly thicker than the hardware screws provided.

jan13 031

Then I inserted the hardware screws through the holes from the back side, into the handles, and snugged them up with a screwdriver.

mounting handle

Here’s a picture of the bathroom BEFORE installing the hardware:

before cabinet hardware

And here are some AFTER shots:

cabinet hardware

bathroom with cabinet hardware

There are a ton of options available when it comes to cabinet hardware styles and colors.  The handles we went with were about $4 and $8 each for the two sizes. You can look online or at a home center for just the right hardware for your home.  We also checked out the show room at Louis and Company in West Jordan, UT.  It’s a place that was recommended to me by two different cabinet guys I know, and has a great selection.

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