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Corner Stage

corner stage

One thing I’ve learned as a foster parent is that kids love attention.  A recent customer had me add a feature to their basement family room to give their kids some of that attention… a corner stage.

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Free Yearly Dump Pass

free yearly dump pass

If you’re finishing your basement, de-cluttering your home, or working on a project that generates trash (more than will fit in your garbage can) pick up your free yearly dump pass and haul it to the landfill free of charge.  I just picked up mine today at the Lehi City Administration building by the Library.

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Bathroom Cabinet Hardware

bathroom cabinet hardware

After repainting our master bathroom and installing a frame for the mirror (see previous post on that here), we decided the cabinets needed some handles to finish everything off.  Cabinet knobs and pulls really make an impact on the look of your cabinets and make it easier to pull the doors and drawers open as well.

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