Mirror Frame

Last year for Desiree’s Christmas present I made a custom built-in jewelry cabinet for our master bathroom.  It went over so well that I decided to stick with the master bath home-improvement theme for this year’s present.   Desiree had been wanting to change the color scheme in our master bathroom to something more calm and serene, and also wanted a frame for the vanity mirror.

Here’s a before shot of the old color scheme (tan walls with red accents):


I lucked out when listening to Alema Harrington and Ben Criddle broadcasting their sports radio show live from Jones Paint and Glass, who was giving away Benjamin Moore paint to listeners who stopped in.  I grabbed Desiree and zipped over there.  We went with a blue-gray color called “November Skies” that we used to paint all the master bedroom and bathroom walls.

bathroom before

Painting Master 003

painting complete

Replacing the tan walls and red accents with the new blue-gray wall color and white accents really changed the feel of the space- more peaceful and relaxing.

Next I made the mirror frame.  I cut some pieces of left-over 3/4-inch thick MDF flat trim with slightly rounded edges I had out in the garage to go around the outside edge of the existing mirror (except the piece on the bottom, which went over the top of the mirror).

fitting border pieces

I ripped the border pieces down with my table saw so they extended about an inch out from the face of the mirror.

border pieces

Once I had sized and dry-fitted the four border pieces, I took them down to the basement where I glued (with wood glue) and nailed them together with some 18-gauge brad nails.  Then I painted the new border for the mirror frame with some left-over white paint we had.

glueing and nailing border pieces

I installed the border by running a bead of silicone caulk behind the border and fastening it to the wall with a few 2-inch 16-gauge finish nails.  Then I cut some left over 2-1/4″ MDF casing pieces I had in the garage to fit inside the mirror frame border… and got Braylon’s approval for how it was coming together.

fitting interior trim pieces

After painting these pieces white in the basement, I glued them directly to the face of the mirror with some silicone caulk, using wood glue on the mitered joints.  I used some blue tape to hold them in place until the caulk dried.

glueing interior trim pieces

blue tape

I gave it until the next day to let everything dry, then removed the blue tape, and caulked and painted the joints.

paint touch ups

Here’s how it turned out:

mirror frame

Desiree loves the new master color scheme and the mirror looks more “finished” with the new mirror frame.  After finishing this project we decided the vanity cabinet doors and drawers were in need of some decorative knobs and pulls.  So about a month later we added these as described in my blog post bathroom cabinet hardware.

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