Cloud Entrance Under Stairs

A recent customer who was finishing her basement wanted to create a space under the stairs where her kids could read books and feel like they were sitting in the clouds.  She planned on having lots of fluffy pillows in there, and she decided the space needed a cloud shaped entrance and a raised platform inside to make it feel like you were stepping up into the clouds.  Here’s how we built the cloud-shaped entrance:

We started by installing a beam and framing the rough opening for the cloud-shaped entrance.

We cut two pieces of half inch (7/16″) OSB the size of the rough opening.  Then we cut a cloud shape out of one, traced it onto the other and cut the second one out.  Then we fastened a bunch of small 2×4 blocks cut at 2-5/8″ long all around the cloud-shaped opening and around the perimeter of the two sheets of OSB (so the total thickness of the blocks and two sheets of OSB would match the width of the 2×4 wall).

After the blocks were all fastened to the OSB, the whole thing was placed in the rough opening and nailed around the perimeter.

Here’s how it looked after the framing was completed:

Then we hung the sheetrock.  The pieces of sheetrock on the curved surfaces were scored on the back with a razor knife about every inch or so, in order to bend them to fit.

Open-angle and 90-degree angle 3-way bull nose corners were stapled to the corners of the cloud. Then pieces of flexible corner bead (the kind commonly used for arches) were used on the curved edges of the cloud entrance, attached with a spray adhesive and some staples.

Then the opening was taped and drywall mud was applied.  A bull nose tool was used to make the rounded edges nice and smooth.

After a few coats of mud, some sanding and paint, here’s how the finished cloud entrance turned out:

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