“Wood” Tile?

Can you tell what kind of flooring this is?  No- it’s not wood flooring, or laminate, or vinyl planks.  It’s simply… TILE.

I installed this tile flooring in a basement for a future kitchenette.  It has the look and texture of wood, and is available in different colors and sizes.  The tile flooring they went with was 6-inch x 24-inch porcelain tiles from Italy.  The joints were staggered to look like wood flooring.  No tile spacers were used- the tiles were set tightly together, but were still grouted to fill any minor voids in the joints.

Here’s a look at the finished floor:

This product affords the looks of wood flooring without the scratching, denting and warping of real wood.  And it can be installed in damp areas of your home- even bathrooms where wood flooring normally wouldn’t be installed.  It provides the warm wood looks, with the benefits of durable, functional porcelain tile.

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