Framed Built-ins:

Would you like custom built-ins without the custom built-in price tag?  Frame them!  Ealier this year I finished a basement for some customers who wanted some built-in bookshelves with a toy chest, and a TV area with shelves and component cubbies.  It took a little more work and material with the framing, sheetrock, trim and painting stages of the project, but saved them money over going with custom built-in cabinets.

Here’s some pictures of the TV area framing.  It’s just 2×4’s and OSB.  You can customize the layout however you’d like.

Here’s the bookshelf and toy chest area framing, consisting of 2×4 shelves covered with OSB.  (The toy chest is the lower middle part).

The framed built-ins were then wrapped with sheetrock…

…and trimmed with crown molding and painted the white trim color to set them off from the rest of the room.  Some accent lighting was installed for the upper TV area shelves.  A piano hinge, some shock absorbers, and bumper pads were used for the toy chest lid.

Here’s some pictures of the completed framed built-ins:

If you have the space and use a little creativity, the possibilities are endless with framed built-ins; a great alternative to built-in cabinets.

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  1. Mark in PA says:

    Kurt, these are awesome! I’ve never seen built-ins like these, and my mind is already considering some possibilities… I love it!!

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