Magnetic Tot Locks

As aspiring foster parents, Desiree and I have had to get referral letters, take a series of fostering classes, pass background checks; and the final hurdle was to pass an in-home safety inspection. This is where a state inspector comes out to make sure you have fire extinguishers, first aid kits in each car, emergency phone numbers posted, among other things… and… that any household item that could make a kid sick if swallowed is locked up by a key, a combination, or a magnetic lock.

We put any potentially harmful items away under our kitchen sink, in our laundry room cabinet and in a new garage storage cabinet,  and we opted to use magnetic locks because we didn’t want to look at pad locks all around our house.  When the cabinet doors are closed, the magnetic locks aren’t visible at all.  I wanted to post about these magnetic locks in case any of you blog readers are looking for an easy-to-use, low-profile, and secure way to lock up any of your cabinets.

Here’s how you install them (using our laundry room cabinet for an example):

Each magnetic lock comes with a template that you stick to the cabinet frame where you want to place the lock. (The template has an adhesive strip on the back):

Then you drill holes through the marks on the template…

…and fasten the “catch” to cabinet frame using a screwdriver and the screws provided:

Then peel off the paper exposing the adhesive strip on the front of the template…

…and close the cabinet door…

…to transfer the template from the cabinet frame to the cabinet door:

Then you drill pilot holes in the cabinet door using the marks on the template (being careful you don’t drill all the way through the door):

Once the pilot holes are drilled, remove the template…

…and attach the magnetic lock to the door with the screws provided, using a screwdriver:

Before tightening the screws all the way, test fit the lock against the catch, then snug up the screws to secure the lock in place:

You hold the magnetic key over the lock to unlock the cabinet door:

Here’s how it looks after installing the lock on the other side:

We used these Safety 1st magnetic locks that we purchased from Home Depot.  They’re a little pricey at $23 for a package of two pair, but we felt it was money well spent for the safety provided and clean look of these sturdy magnetic tot locks.

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