Backyard Firepit

We put in a stone firepit area in our backyard several years ago when we moved into our home.  We used limestone because it was one of the least expensive stones available and we liked its lighter color.  Limestone has layers, and during each winter, water would seep into the rock, freeze, and pop any weak layers off.  We also had some settling, creating an uneven surface.  So, this year we decided to remove all the weak stones and re-level everything.

Here’s how things looked before we started:

We began this project by pulling up all the stone, throwing out the bad ones and placing the good ones in a pile to the side.  Then we used some pea gravel/sand mix to re-level the area.  I staked some pressure-treated 2×4’s around the edge as a border, and to help hold everything in place.

Then we started laying the good stones back down.  It’s almost like putting together a big puzzle, trying to find the next rock that fits just right.  Then we removed or added pea gravel/sand mix below each stone as we went to keep the rock surface level.

Here’s how it looked after we finished:

If you’re wondering… we used tumbled pavers for the firepit and steps up to our patio.  We got them from Lehi Block when we originally installed the firepit several years ago.

Here’s how it looks from our back door… and can you spot the two ducks in the horse pasture behind our house?

The firepit area looks even better when our flowers are in bloom:

If you’re starting from scratch, here’s how to install this type of stone firepit area or walkway:

  1. flatten out the area about 4 inches below where the top of the finished surface will be
  2. install a weed-barrier fabric
  3. install any border of choice (treated wood, bender board etc.)
  4. place about a 2 inch thick layer of pea gravel/sand mix over the weed barrier
  5. set stones level with border & spaced evenly


  • 2 cubic yards of pea gravel/sand mix from Standard Masonry Supply in Provo $50
  • Pressure treated 2×4’s for the border $27
  • Wood stakes $5

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