Parade of Homes 2012: My Top 10 Features

My wife Desiree and I had an extended date together this last weekend attending the Utah Valley Parade of Homes and I’ve condensed all the great things we saw into the following top 10 list of favorite features.  WARNING:  THE FOLLOWING IS A LONG BLOG POST.  CONTINUE READING ONLY IF YOU ARE PREPARED TO BLOW YOUR MIND WITH TONS OF IDEAS FOR YOUR HOME.  

#10 Built-in Storage


How about THESE closet organizers?:

I noticed several bathrooms with this type of above-the-counter vanity cabinet:

Window Seats:


#9 Trim & Finish carpentry

Faux beams with ceiling panels:

Dental Molding Shelf:

Beautiful curved stairway:

Batten board and window trim:

The dark rich wood moldings really “popped” in this house:

I loved these massive faux beams.  They had a distressed, rustic, glazed finish:

#8 Task-Specific Spaces

Built-in study/computer niches:

Quilting Room

Craft/Art/Sewing Room

#7 Outdoor Living Spaces

This deck featured a two-way gas fireplace.  It had a vinyl pergola and a DecTec (waterproof membrane) floor surface that provided a covered patio for the space below.  It took advantage of the great views from this lot.

The photo below is a little washed out (please forgive my novice photography), but I liked how you could look out these huge windows to the deck area, and pool below.

This deck featured a contemporary raised gas fire pit:

This one had turf:

#6 Sliding Barn Doors

There was a plethora of these:

The two enormous framed mirrors are the sliding doors in this one:

#5 Home Theaters

This theater room was small, but boasted 5, count ’em 5, flat screen TV’s.  Now that’s multitasking!

I like the dark wall columns with sconces on this one and it had a very modern-looking kitchen in the back:

This was my favorite home theater.  I like the lighter colors.  It had 12 leather recliners with a bar behind:

#4 In-Home Health & Wellness

This gym had some concrete walls exposed- too bad some crazy punks left some graffiti on one of them.  Just kidding- that’s some artwork.  And did any of you notice the plyo box in the lower right, that looks like the ones I made in this blog post?:

Sports Court:

Indoor Jacuzzi/Spa:

Yeah, that’s a sauna:

#3 Fireplaces

I liked the angled rock masonry fireplace surround with the paneling above on this fireplace:

This fireplace was AWESOME:

This fireplace wasn’t my favorite, but I put it on here just because of how unique it is:

#2 Kid Specific Spaces

I thought this cut-down door was a fun idea for a kid play-area entrance:

This area had a loft with a couple slides:

I like the use of exterior materials like the stone and shakes on this kid play area.  That yellow round thing is a slide that you can take to a lower level- that’s the quick way down.

#1 Interesting Decor

This was a neat lighted bead board niche that was used to display these colorful glass bowls:

I liked this mirror frame:

Can you tell what this bathroom flooring is?:

Yep, those are pennies!

Kids room… GO COUGS!

This is a TV in a master… how bout that TV frame!

I thought this was a very creative drinking fountain.  It was set in a granite top and the bottom was covered with a barrel:

Now this is a REAL ceiling fan:

I thought these were incredible head boards:

And the finale… the plant wall.  Those are real folks:

Bonus Feature… A desk with a view

Okay, I couldn’t leave this out because I thought it was so cool… so here’s your Parade of Homes bonus feature.  This was in a home located way up on the hill in Alpine.  The home had a basement, a main level, and upstairs level, and then above all that up in the “crow’s nest” a private home office space with a conference table, a lounge/break room area, and this desk with a spectacular view. Again, my poor photography doesn’t give justice to the view, but it really did make jaws drop.

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  1. Desiree says:

    Can’t wait for you to try all of these in our house!!

  2. Darla says:

    WOW! Those were fun to see. Thanks for sharing, Kurt!

  3. Scarlet says:

    Very cool!!! I loved the window seats and the sliding barn doors!!!

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