Backpacking is Paradise to Me

Desiree and I went to go listen to one of those vacation timeshare presentations where they give you free stuff to listen to their sales pitch.  During the presentation, one of the salesmen asked everyone what they currently do for vacation.  When camping was one of the answers mentioned, he quickly jumped on his soap box and went off about why camping is not a vacation.  According to him, only staying in high-end, all-inclusive resorts is truly a vacation.

While that might be really nice, it’s not always in the budget, and I still believe a lot of fun can be had on vacation for less money.  Just about every summer since we’ve been married, Desiree and I have gone on a backpacking trip together with our dog. Here are 10 reasons why these backpacking trips are paradise to me:

  1. quality time & conversation with the wife
  2. allowing the beauty of nature to sink deep into your soul
  3. relaxation around camp
  4. exploring places not many people see
  5. solitude, isolation and rejuvenation
  6. fly fishing opportunities
  7. the satisfaction of having what you need, but nothing more, to be comfortable in a rugged place
  8. our dog loves it- it’s like he comes alive out there (and he looks cool with his pack and booties)
  9. downing a big juicy hamburger after re-entering civilization
  10. gaining a new appreciation for all the comforts of home upon returning

Here’s a video of some highlights of past trips, and here’s to hoping we get to do many more together:

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  1. Zions Park says:

    I totally agree with you Kurt. It is extremely possible to have an enjoyable holiday while backpacking and hiking, without necessarily lodging at a luxurious hotel or spar. Sometimes it feels good to be out of the comforts and pleasures we usually benefit from, in order to appreciate them more. Besides, backpacking in the wild is a good way of relaxation and education, while at the same time keeping your fit and healthy.

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