Wood Front Door

Repainting exterior painted surfaces of a home, such as exterior doors, as needed about every other year or so is normal maintenance.  Last fall, I noticed all our exterior doors needed to be repainted.  I had an unfinished reject alder door slab sitting in my basement for years, thinking I would someday use it to switch out our front door.  So instead of taking the time to repaint our steel front door last fall, I replaced it with the wood door slab.

I lightly sanded the wood door, wiped it clean and stained it using a clean rag.  Then, I sprayed it with several light coats of clear urethane to seal and protect the door.  I also decided to install some heavy-duty commercial type ball-bearing hinges on the new door.  I admit, some things I do might be a little overkill, but a set of three only cost me about $25 from the local home center.

The wood door was already routered for hinges, but the hinge locations of the alder door didn’t match the hinge locations of the steel door.  So I marked on the door jamb where the new hinges would land, and after removing the existing steel door and hinges, routered out the door jamb to accept the new hinges and then filled and painted where the old ones were.

Here’s a picture of the old door slab.  I was able to sell it on ksl.com for $20.

And here’s the new alder door installed.  I painted the existing black door jamb and brick mold trim on the outside the color of our windows and installed the existing door handleset and deadbolt on the new door.  I think the new door looks more warm and inviting than our previous door and the smooth 2-panel arched-top door style of the wood door even matches the white interior doors of our home.

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