Work Bench

What could possibly make you feel more MANLY than having a workbench, either in an unfinished basement, garden shed or garage?  It can be a place to get away for a minute to work on a project or fix something, and also a place to keep your tools organized.

Below is a picture of a workbench I built for a neighbor in his garage.  I framed it with 2×4’s covered with a piece of 3/4″ OSB, supported by 4×4 posts.  For storage, I also installed some simple particle board shelves above using metal shelf brackets from Home Depot.

He organized his tools on the back wall and installed a piece of laminate countertop and a vice.  He added a power strip and some work lights as well.  (Good lighting is nice to have in any type of work space).  And I thought it was convenient that they have a fridge just to the right in case he needs a snack or gets thirsty while working on something.  :)

Can any of you guess what his first project was?

Yep, a sleek green pinewood derby car (he’s got it hanging from a string on the left to dry the paint).

3 Replies to Work Bench

  1. Ben Johnson says:

    It’s great. Super duper stuff!

  2. Jason says:

    What did you put on top of the OSB for a finished surface?

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