Garage Storage Hoist

Most garages have quite a bit of overhead space that can be used for storage.  One way to take advantage of all that extra space is with a hoist.  Hoists can be installed in a garage to store bikes, kayaks, canoes, jeep hard tops, truck bed shells, car-top carrier pods, ski equipment, and more.  (Just about any of the things you need to store within the weight limit).  Here’s a hoist I installed in a garage to store a car pod:

The owner bought the hoist online from Harken Hoister and had it delivered to their home.  It came with all the hardware needed to install it.  The only thing I needed to do in preparation was fasten a couple 2×6’s to the garage ceiling with some lag screws to help align the hoist directly above their car.  This way all they have to do is pull in, and use the hoist to lift the pod directly off the vehicle.

The Harken Hoister kit came with well-illustrated and very easy-to-understand installation instructions and very minimal tools were required.  The hoist also came with some nice features like a block and tackle system of pulleys that makes it easier to lift the object, and a self-locking cleat that automatically locks and holds the load once you release the rope.

The Harken Hoister website offers hoists in 1-point, 2-point, or 4-point systems ranging in weight limits from 45 to 200 pounds depending on your needs.  Prices for the various hoist systems range from approximately $35 to $130.

For years Desiree and I would wrestle with our Jeep hardtop, lifting it off in the Spring and putting it back on each Fall.  A hoist like this would have saved our backs from that task.  Oh well, maybe this post will save some of yours.  :)

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