Dining Chairs, Bench and Stools

Desiree and I found a good deal on a dining table a few years back at the RC Willey Outlet that was discounted because the corner was chipped.  We thought it went great with our kitchen cabinets and adjacent family room.  And it was tall enough that our black lab wouldn’t be able to snitch some dinner off the table when we weren’t looking.  The only thing missing was the asiento (that’s Spanish for a place to sit).

I’m all about spending a little more to get something that will last a long time.  So after searching for just the right chairs we found the perfect sturdy set at Four Chairs Furniture.  And, to save a little dough, we got them UNfinished.

I removed the chair seats by backing a few screws out with my drill.  Then we lightly sanded the chair frames down with fine grit sand paper.

Once the chair frames were nice and smooth, we primed them with a grey primer from a spray can. Then we gave them a couple finish coats of black, lightly sanding them between coats.

Then we got into a crazy paint fight… just kidding we didn’t.

Once the final coat of black was dry, we sanded edges here and there on the chairs for an aged look to match our table.  Then we clear coated them from spray cans.  We stained and glazed the chair seats to get as close of a match as possible to our table top, then clear coated them and refastened them to the chair frames.

We both thought it would be cool to have a bench on one side of the table closest to our kitchen island where there’s not as much space, so I built one from scraps of material I had, and finished it in a similar fashion as the chairs.  We also had some cheap kitchen bar stools that we painted black as well to match.

We put felt pads beneath the legs of the table, chairs, bench and bar stools so they wouldn’t scratch our wood floor, (leaving that job to our dog).

We were able to save a little money by buying a slightly damaged table, finishing the new chairs ourselves, refinishing the bar stools, and making a bench from material we already had.  Now all we needed to do was have someone over for dinner.  :)

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  1. Cliffie Johnson says:

    You two are a great team… you make great home-improvements by making wise purchases and using your talents to bring it all together. I love the results!!

  2. Nicki says:

    What a great project! It looks wonderful!

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