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Lessons Learned from the Mountains

lessons learned from the mountains

I’m fascinated by mountains.  I’m impressed by their size and beauty.  I enjoy the serenity they can provide and also respect the preparation, struggle and effort it takes to stand on a mountain summit. Attempting to get up and down a peak successfully is not too different from taking on a DIY home improvement project, or facing life challenges.  Many lessons can be learned, I believe, from climbing mountains.

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Garage Overhead MightyShelves

garage overhead mightyshelves

With warm spring days on the way, many of you will be doing some spring cleaning.  Do you have a place where you can put away all your winter/seasonal items?  By installing overhead garage shelving you can easily add 200 square feet of storage to a typical 2-car garage.  Imagine organizing all the items cluttering your home in bins on these garage overhead mightyshelves.

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The End of “Ski Free After Three”

Alta's Ski Free After Three

I just found out Alta’s “Ski Free After Three” is ending February 14, 2012.  If you’re going to take advantage of free resort skiing, get it in between now and Valentines Day.  Hmmm, I think I might be getting a GREAT idea for my own Valentines Day festivities… What could be more romantic than snuggling with your valentine on a lift whisking you up through the trees at Alta?  How ’bout it Desiree?

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