Decorative Entry Light

Good lighting in a home can make it easier to function within an area, improve the appearance of a space, and even have positive psychological effects on the people who live there.  Updating or upgrading the decorative lighting in your home to fit your style can also make a big impact on the design and feel of the space.  I recently installed a new chandelier in an entryway that I think sets a beautiful tone for the home the minute you step through the front door.

Their existing entry light was broken and in need of an upgrade.  The owners were able to find a new entry light online from and had it shipped to their door.  Here’s what their entry looked like before

Here, I’ve removed the old light fixture, wired and hung the new chandelier, and have started hanging the glass pieces…

Here are some after shots of how it turned out…

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  1. Desiree says:

    Super neat. Makes me wonder what possibilities could happen in our own house. ;) I like the foyer in this house too. A lot of fun ideas.

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