Gridded Accent Wall

I noticed a really cool gridded accent wall in the home of some people I’m doing some work for.  Their home office has a high vaulted ceiling, and on the tallest wall in the room they used 3 inch wide flat trim spaced about every 2 feet horizontally and vertically to make a grid pattern, giving the accent wall depth and texture.

They painted the entire wall white to set it off from the rest of the room.  I like how it shows off the height of the ceiling and gives the room an open feel.  I had never seen trim used in this way before, but couldn’t help but think about how easy and inexpensive this project would be for DIYers to try in their own home.  It’s just square trim and square cuts.

The key would be to measure your wall and carefully figure out a good layout to space the trim evenly.  (It might be worth it to go get a construction calculator for this.  They can do math for feet and inches; even fractions of inches like 3/8” or 11/16”).  You should be able to find one at a home center for around $20.  Here’s a picture of the one I use:

I’ve been thinking about all the things you could do with the squares formed by the trim to dress it up even more.  I think you could get really creative with it.  Here are some of the possibilities I thought of:

  • Paint all the squares inside the trim a different color
  • Hang pieces of art or pictures in some or all of the squares
  • Paint the squares to look like a checker board and glue large checkers pieces to it  :)
  • Paint random squares different bright colors in a kid’s bedroom
  • Put block letters in a few of the squares in a baby’s room

You could also use the same type of trim to form different patterns and shapes.  How about creating rectangles or a brick pattern, or putting just one row of squares across the top of your wall?  The possibilities really are endless.  I’d love to hear any of your ideas.  Type a comment below describing what you see when you picture a gridded wall like this in your home.

DIY Material Cost Breakdown

  • 3 inch trim (about $0.35 per lineal foot)

2 Replies to Gridded Accent Wall

  1. Hilary says:

    I saw this in a parade home and LOVED it! I’ve been wanting to recreate it in my own home, somewhere but didn’t know where to start. Thanks Kurt!

  2. Claudia Bushman says:

    Dannen and I will have to do this at our new house. I loved your idea of making a checker board out of it…

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