Custom Dog House

Let me introduce you to my black lab Gooch.  He’s a good-natured, 90-pound, Frisbee-catching, man’s-best-friend.  He enjoys retrieving tennis balls from freezing mountain lakes, hiking to the top of mountains (Timpanogos, King’s Peak), backpacking into wilderness areas (Wind River Range, Sawtooths), and exploring the narrows of southern Utah (Spooky, Ding and Dang).  He’s an extraordinary companion; so of course, I wanted to build him an extraordinary dog house.  So a few years back I built Gooch a warm, comfortable, custom home using the scrap building materials left over from other jobs.

I used treated lumber covered with Trex decking to build the floor of the doghouse (this way it would hold up to being placed on dirt or concrete and being exposed to a little moisture).  Some 2×4 scraps were used to frame the walls and roof.  This allowed me to insulate the roof and walls with R-13 fiberglass batt insulation.  Then I sheathed both sides of the roof and walls with half-inch OSB (wafer board).

Custom Dog House

I used left over 30-year architectural shingles with high-profile ridge caps, metal drip edge, and an ice-and-water shield underlayment for the roof (yep, that’s going to last a while).  I used Trex scraps to wrap the doggie-door opening and for the fascia.  I finished off the exterior with some cultured stone and bought a plastic doggie door flap (about $32 from the pet store) and fastened it to the front opening.  To top it all off I cut a few pieces of extra 8# spill safe carpet padding to place inside and then threw his poofy bed on top.  Only the best for my dog!  :)

3 Replies to Custom Dog House

  1. Desiree says:

    Yeah he’s a great dog. Worth every muscle spent on that house.

  2. Suzie says:

    I love this you should make and sell these they are awesome!!

  3. Claudia Bushman says:

    Love this dog house. Maybe once we get dogs, we will have to have a couple of these houses… Make a little village of dog houses on our property.. =)

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