Rustic Picture Frame

Last year for Christmas, Desiree (my lovely wife) gave me a fish poster to hang in my office.  I LOVE to fly fish… she knows me well.  Her boss even made her a really cool barn wood frame for it.  (If only everyone’s boss could be like Doug).  I decided to give my office a fly fishing theme based around my new poster and frame.

We painted the beige walls in my office an earthy grayish-green color (“dry pastures” Behr), spray painted our gray metal office desk black, and decided the only thing left to do was hang something cool on the last bare wall.  I found 3 fly fishing prints I liked online and bought a picture matte to set them in.

I pulled some wood off an old pallet I had in the garage.  I really liked the rough wood grain and nail holes it already had and thought it would make a great picture frame.  I measured and cut pieces for the 4 sides and then routered a notch in the rear inside edge I would later use for inserting the matte. I took a piece of the pallet wood to the paint store to have them mix up a stain color to match the barn wood frame I already had.  I ended up going with a semi-transparent stain (which worked great for giving it the color I wanted but still allowed the grain, texture, and color variations of the wood to show through).

Once the wood was stained, I got some metal plates and screws and spray painted them black.  Then I put it all together in this order:

  1. Fastened the 4 frame pieces together with the straps and screws at the joints
  2. Cut and placed a piece of plexiglass in the routered notch
  3. Put the matte with the prints in
  4. Attached a piece of panel board on the back to hold the matte and plexiglass in place and to strengthen the frame joints
  5. Installed some picture hanging hardware on the back to mount it to the wall

Here’s how the new frame turned out…


Here’s a photo of what my office looked like before (with my camera-happy dog, and WHOSE stinky feet are those?)…

And here’s the after

DIY Rustic Picture Frame Cost Breakdown

  • wood (if you don’t have an extra pallet sitting in your garage, you could buy something similar at a home center) $8
  • semi-transparent stain $10
  • metal straps and screws $9
  • black spray paint (to paint straps and screws) $2
  • panel board backing $6
  • plexiglass $8
  • picture matting $50
  • prints $30
  • picture hanging hardware $3

TOTAL $126


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