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Programmable Timer


When we built our home five years ago, we had the electrician install switched eave plugs.  These are handy because they provide a convenient place to plug in your Christmas lights and you can turn them on and off from a switch inside your home.  Five years later, we still haven’t invested in some nice eave lights, but we did run an extension cord from one of our switched eave plugs out to some Christmas lights we hung on the pine tree in our front yard.  (It is a TANNENBAUM semi-dwarf mugo pine after all).  The only problem was we kept forgetting to turn the lights on at sunset, and a few times we forgot to turn them off before going to bed, wasting money on electricity.  Enter the solution to our problem… (drum roll)… a PROGRAMMABLE TIMER!

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Custom Dog House

Gooch's House

Let me introduce you to my black lab Gooch.  He’s a good-natured, 90-pound, Frisbee-catching, man’s-best-friend.  He enjoys retrieving tennis balls from freezing mountain lakes, hiking to the top of mountains (Timpanogos, King’s Peak), backpacking into wilderness areas (Wind River Range, Sawtooths), and exploring the narrows of southern Utah (Spooky, Ding and Dang).  He’s an extraordinary companion; so of course, I wanted to build him an extraordinary dog house.  So a few years back I built Gooch a warm, comfortable, custom home using the scrap building materials left over from other jobs.

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Rustic Picture Frame


Last year for Christmas, Desiree (my lovely wife) gave me a fish poster to hang in my office.  I LOVE to fly fish… she knows me well.  Her boss even made her a really cool barn wood frame for it.  (If only everyone’s boss could be like Doug).  I decided to give my office a fly fishing theme based around my new poster and frame.

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